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What is ELF THC? Brand Overview

The business behind ELFBAR has decided to expand its market share in the nicotine sector to include hemp and THC products. Many of the products offered by ELF THC are comparable to well-liked ELFBAR items—minus the nicotine, of course! Savor robust blends and distinctive flavors for a consistently satisfying smoking or eating experience.

Top ELF THC Products to Enjoy

Check out the top-rated ELF THC vape pens, disposables, and more—all with the quality and support you can count on from Planetus Society!

Disposable Vapes

The motto of ELF THC disposables is “Try it, love it, toss it.” They are available in a wide variety of flavors and formulae to suit your taste buds. With these disposables, it’s easy to experiment with various strains and cannabis combinations to find your ideal fit. They’re also really practical for vacation!

THC5000 Vape Pens

It’s not for the timid to tackle the ELF THC 5000 line. These vape pens are among the strongest products we’ve ever seen enter the market, with an amazing 5000 mg of active cannabinoids in each package.

For a seamless and well-balanced smoking experience, try the traditional Noldor Blend or Telerin Blend vapes. Alternately, try the Eldarin Blend, a concoction of live resin, terps, and delta-8 THC oil. In the meantime, certain cannabinoids like HHCP and HHC are given priority in the Avarian Blend.

The THC 5000 vapes‘ potency and creativity will surely thrill seasoned THC aficionados; just buckle up for the ride of your life!

THC Gummies

Not a big lover of electronic cigarettes? Not an issue. ELF THC gummies taste amazing and still have a strong THC content. You can also experiment with your gummies; the Delta 8 and THC-P Gummies combine various cannabinoids with delta-8 THC to create a multifaceted and stimulating experience.


To get your THC fix, eat delicious edibles like candy and other sweet delicacies. Each and every ELF THC edible promises to give a significant amount of THC without sacrificing flavor.

ELF THC Wholesale at Planetus Society

Do you want to introduce well-known brands to your company or organization, such as ELF THC? Planetus Society is the go-to source for the greatest wholesale ELF THC prices and customer-focused service. We are here to serve as your go-to resource for cannabis information and to assist you in obtaining the greatest deals on goods your clients desire.

Have inquiries? Not sure where to begin? Our staff is always willing to assist at no additional expense to you.

Why We Chose ELF THC

Our goal is to provide you with the things you love at reasonable prices. In addition to being a well-liked option for vape pens and disposables, ELF THC is a developing company that hopes to expand its product line. We also like that ELF THC provides access to independent lab findings for every one of its products. Right here on our website, you can see the lab findings for the items that Green Dragon sells.

Our mission is to make it easy to get fantastic discounts on high-quality cannabis items. To save money on your next buy, don’t forget to use our ELF THC discount code at checkout!

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Frequently ask questions

What is ELF THC 5000?

Each vape pen in the ELF THC 5000 product line contains five grams (or five thousand milligrams) of cannabis. This indicates that the ELF THC 5000 vapes are very potent compared to other brands. The entire amount of cannabis in many vapes ranges from a few hundred to a thousand milligrams, therefore the ELF THC 5000 line stands out!

How many grams of THC are in an ELF vape?

Depending on the product, yes. Each ELF5000 vape pen contains an incredible 5 grams (or 5000 milligrams) of cannabis. Milder dosages are available in other ELF vape products. The company also makes well-liked 1000 mg pens.

Does ELF THC get you high?

Psychoactive substances such delta-8 or -9 THC, THCP, and HHC are included in the majority of ELF THC products. You will become intoxicated from these products; the stronger the effects, the more you consume.

Do ELF Bars have THC?

No, THC is not present in conventional ELFBAR products. Products containing THC are only made for cannabis by ELF.

Does ELF THC have nicotine in its products?

While nicotine may be present in some ELF THC products, it is not present in the great majority. To ensure that the product you’re interested in meets your needs, be sure to examine it closely.